CarpetCarpet is renowned for its comfort and insulating properties. There are many styles of carpet available and HC Floors supply all the major brands.

Direct Stick Carpet

This style of installation is ideal for any high traffic or high wear environment. By fixing the carpet to the floor, it will not move or bunch when you wheel your office chair across the room.

It is an economical installation method suitable for Woven, Tufted, Fusion Bonded or Action backed carpets. For anyone that wants to keep the comfort of an underlay, we can use double bonded underlay, which sticks to the carpet and the floor.

Broadloom Carpet on Underlay

This is the conventional 3.66 meter wide roll of carpet that is typically installed over an underlay with carpet grippers around the perimeter that hold the carpet in place. There are many various types of underlay available depending on your needs. There are many different styles and fabrics available, such as cut pile, loop pile, twisted pile and many more. Materials include wool, Polypropylene, Nylon and Polyester.

Impervious Carpets

These carpets are perfectly suited to the Aged Care & Health Care sector. They offer the comfort of a conventional carpet, without letting fluids soak through to the sub-floor. All spills stay on top of the carpet just like they do on a vinyl floor, and when cleaned the fluid is completely removed. Any environment where there is a risk of incontinence should consider these flooring products, as they allow you to blend comfort with practicality. Some products in the marketplace are specifically tailored to the Health care space and they offer antibacterial qualities with no nasty chemicals.

Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles are a popular, economical and versatile solution and offer excellent maintenance capability. They give you the ability to mix and match different styles, colours and materials to create your own unique space. They are excellent in an office environment, as they stick directly to the floor and can be removed for cleaning and returned or replaced as necessary. This allows you to replace the tiles in the heavily worn walkway, without having to remove the good tiles away from foot traffic.

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Our Products

Grip Guard
the most trusted non-slip floor treatment is "keeping the world on its feet
Easy to install and maintain, vinyl is the perfect flooring for any wet area room.
Carpet provides warmth and comfort, whilst the various options offer functionality.
Wall Cladding
To project your walls from wear, wall cladding provides strength against damage.


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